Transmedia is a big part of the digital world, especially those who create and use media and technology for children. Transmedia can be defined as a way to tell a story across different platforms. Transmedia play is a way to understand how children develop media literacies though their interactions that link stories across platforms (Alper & Stephenson, 2013, p.366). Different platforms may include paintings, games, or television. Working in childcare, I see many phases of different characters come through the centre. One of which is the movie Frozen. I see Frozen dresses, t-shirts, pants and even during the day the Frozen cd is on repeat with the children singing. Little did I know it was all a part of transmedia as it had a multiplatform of storytelling. But as I researched further I discovered there are educational benefits to transmedia such as creating conversations between children.

(Image by Johnson, 2013)
(Image by Johnson, 2013)

Transmedia has many education benefits. I had never heard of transmedia before reading about this topic. So I have learnt many new terms about this idea and what it is. These terms include resourcefulness, social, mobility, accessibility, and replayability (Alper & Stephenson  2013, p.367). These characteristics can create a positive learning outcome for children. For example, conversations within the context of transmedia can create discussions about social responsibility. Batman can create several platforms such as action figures, books, television show and issues can be linked to real life situations (Johnson, n.d). Therefore educators should extend childrens interests/imaginary play, linking it to real life situations, creating a positive learning tool for children.

Transmedia has many educational benefits and is an engaging way for children to learn. These benefits include resourcefulness, social, mobility, accessibility, and replayability. It is a way for children to develop their literacy skills and helps address some challenges children may face living in a digital age. Transmedia has different characteristics in which can also help provide potential for learning and literacy development, therefore making it an important tool.

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